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Nowadays, searching the internet can be perilous due to malware, spyware, and browser-based trackers that all attempt to compromise your privacy and security. However, by using the appropriate extensions, Chrome users can be confident that their data is well protected while using the internet.

While Right in Box and PCMag have listed some tools to help you surf the web safely, we specifically hand-picked our favorite Chrome extensions that we highly recommend for their useful and practical features.

Check them out below!

Adblock Plus

The ability of Adblock Plus to disable scripts that track your online activity is one of its most useful features. This means that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are unable to track your online activities or the websites you visit. People who are sick of social media networks attempting to make money out of their personal information may appreciate the privacy feature. 

Get Adblock Plus Chrome extension here.

Avast Antivirus

It is an antivirus extension that guards against malware and viruses a  also features a web tracking blocker. Web trackers are programs that run on websites and gather information about your interactions with them. The tool prevents these scripts from gathering your personal data. As a result, you can conduct online transactions, like online banking, without worrying about security.

Get Avast Antivirus Chrome extension here.


While Chrome offers Incognito Mode as a way to remove cookies, clear browsing cache, and evade tracking, Click&Clean offers all of those features as well as more in an easily accessible panel. This add-on gives you the opportunity to swiftly remove your browsing history in addition to what Chrome already permits, either immediately or when Chrome is closed. Additionally, you may see and delete cached pages, check your privacy, and check for malware.

Get Click&Clean Chrome extension here.

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The Chrome disconnect extension aids in defending you against data collection, malware installation, and malicious advertising. It has the ability to prevent third-party cookies from collecting your data. By preventing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter from seeing your browsing information even when you’re offline, the disconnect protects your privacy. Since it will stop hackers from stealing your data whether you are online or not, this is especially helpful if you use Facebook and Twitter on a mobile device.

Get the Disconnect Chrome extension here.

HTTPS Everywhere

Your login information and other data are encrypted thanks to the HTTPS protocol. The majority of websites have changed their security to convert to HTTPS from HTTP, however many still do not. By utilizing HTTPS Everywhere, HTTP at unsafe websites will automatically switch to HTTPS to safeguard and secure your information.

Get HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension here.

Privacy Badger

To keep out content, several extensions that block web trackers rely on particular filters. Others have you manually select which websites to allow or prohibit. By discovering which websites seek to track you and then blocking that content, Privacy Badger tries to save you from all this work.

Get Privacy Badger Chrome extension here.

Windows Defender

It can guard you against malware, phishing, and other suspicious activities. In the background, Windows Defender for Chrome automatically searches for harmful and suspicious activity while preventing unwanted downloads from previously flagged dangerous websites. The security experts at Microsoft keep it updated. Additionally, the application has a firewall that will stop hackers from remotely accessing your computer.

Get Windows Defender Chrome extension here.

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