Google Nest Wifi Pro details revealed in premature product

At its upcoming hardware event on October 6, Google will unveil the Pixel 7 series and the highly-anticipated Pixel Watch. In addition, Google will showcase a new range of Nest smart home devices at the event. Although the company has not shared any details about the upcoming Nest devices, we now know that the new lineup will include a Nest WiFi Pro router.

U.S. retailer B&H has prematurely published product pages for the upcoming Nest Wifi Pro router, revealing a few key details. The listings confirm that the upcoming router will retail for $199.99 and offer Wi-Fi 6E support. Additionally, the listings show that buyers will be able to pick up a 2-pack for $299.99 and a 3-pack for $399.99.

Via: 9to5Google

Although the B&H listing doesn’t include an image, it confirms that the Nest Wifi Pro router will be available in four colorways — Snow, Linen, Fog, and Lemongrass. These color options align with other Google products, like the Pixel Buds Pro, Nest Doorbell (battery), and the upcoming Pixel 7 series.

As 9to5Google points out, none of the listings mention a ‘point.’ With the older Nest Wifi router, the point acted as a network extender and Google Assistant speaker. However, Google seems to be going with a single-hardware approach with the ‘Pro’ model, with all capabilities packed into one device. Lastly, the ‘Pro’ moniker suggests that Google might keep the regular Nest Wifi router around and offer it alongside the new ‘Pro’ variant.

At the moment, we have no further details about the Nest Wifi Pro router. We expect the company to share more information at its upcoming hardware event, where it might also unveil the recently leaked Chromecast with Google TV HD and a second-gen Nest Doorbell (wired).

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Via: 9to5Google

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