Here’s another alleged GTA 6 leak, this time with video

A user on GTAForums (opens in new tab) by the name of ‘teapotuberhacker’ who say they were also behind a recent Uber hack has posted 90 videos they claim come from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6, running with “GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets”. Screenshots and clips from these videos are doing the rounds on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and elsewhere, and they do seem to line up with details from the recent GTA 6 leak as well as an earlier one, both suggesting it will have multiple playable characters, one a woman, and be set in and around the Miami-esque Vice City.

In one video (YouTube (opens in new tab), shorter version on Twitter (opens in new tab)), a player-character named Lucia robs a waffle restaurant with an accomplice named Jason, taking hostages like they’re in Pulp Fiction. A meter counts down ‘Time Until Cops Dispatched’, and it all looks reminiscent of the robberies in Red Dead Redemption 2, in spite of the mannequin NPCs clipping through objects, placeholder dialogue text like “Jason: GENERIC_CURSE_TO_SELF”, and a cop car that’s been recycled from GTA 5 only with V.C.P.D. written on it.

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