Best Software

Best Software Indonesia has become a thriving technology hub in recent years, and many Indonesian-origin technology companies have produced very useful products. Here are the 7 best software made in Indonesia that deserve attention.


Gojek is one of the most popular apps in Indonesia that has changed the way people use transportation services. Apart from transportation services, this application also offers digital payment services, goods delivery, and many more. With millions of users throughout Indonesia, Gojek has opened opportunities for many entrepreneurs to join online businesses.


Is the largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia. Tokopedia allows users to buy and sell goods online. With innovative and user-friendly features, Tokopedia has become one of the most popular websites in Indonesia. Tokopedia has made a major contribution to the growth of the digital economy in Indonesia.


Traveloka is the largest search and booking platform for flight tickets and hotels in Indonesia. This application offers a very useful feature for users who want to compare prices for tickets and hotels from various websites. Traveloka also offers attractive promos and discounts for its loyal users.

Teacher’s room

Ruangguru is an online education platform that provides access to hundreds of thousands of subject matter and online courses designed by experts. Ruangguru has become an online learning option for millions of students in Indonesia. With innovative and quality features, Ruangguru has helped many students learn their lessons effectively.


Is an online communication platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers through chat applications. Qiscus provides features that can be customized according to business needs and helps businesses to increase interactions with their customers effectively. With innovative and user-friendly solutions, Qiscus has become the best choice of communication platform for many businesses in Indonesia.

Is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform in Indonesia that provides solutions for businesses. provides chatbot and Virtual Assistant technology to help businesses improve their performance. With innovative and effective technology, has helped many businesses in Indonesia improve interactions with their customers.


Ruangroket is an online learning platform that provides various training courses to improve technology skills. Ruangroket offers various training courses from web development to digital marketing. With innovative and quality solutions, Ruangroket has helped many students and entrepreneurs in Indonesia improve their technology skills.